Innate Assessment™

The Innate Assessment™
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How You Are Innately Wired

Innate Assessment™ characterizes and quantifies the unchanging innate nature of the individual to reveal where they can make their most fulfilling and most productive contribution to the world. You’ll learn how you’re wired, what makes you unique, your individual learning style, and the challenges you might face in the future.


By knowing how each spouse is innately wired, the assessment offers insights into not only each other but areas of common interest and conflict styles.


As a parent, you know that every child is different. Learning how your children are wired can help shape your parenting approach by highlighting what makes your child unique, their learning styles, and where they may encounter difficulties.


By better understanding why others can look at the same picture and see it differently, you can prevent conflicts and strengthen relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

Wow, thanks so much!

Wow, it was eye opening to see how differently wired my two high school children are. When I looked at each of their learning styles, it became clear why one was struggling in school and the other wasn’t. I also realized that I can’t use the same approach and parenting style for both. Thanks so much!!

Jamie S. - Texas

Measuring Your Innate Wiring

The Core Values Index (CVI) assessment characterizes and quantifies what Abraham Maslow called the unchanging, innate nature of the individual. That information reveals where a person can make their most productive, fulfilling, and successful contribution to the world.

It’s also the most reliable assessment of its kind. The standard that measures whether an assessment changes over time is called ‘repeat score reliability,’ so the less the score changes over time, the more reliable the assessment is. A third-party research study gave the CVI a reliability score of over 97 percent—the highest score of all such tests.

That’s why the CVI provides a clear and useful picture of the innate nature of any individual. If you were to take the CVI five years from now—or 10 years ago—97 percent of your assessment would be the same. And once you know yourself, you can know a whole lot more.

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