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What is Innate Living?

Our goal is simple. We want to help you with the most important decisions you will make during your lifetime. College. Career. Marriage. Parenting.

Innate Living is based on the premise that if you know how you’re innately wired, you already know everything you need to handle life’s biggest decisions.

  • College
  • Career
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Relationships

Your Innate Wiring

The Core Values Index (CVI) assessment is the most reliable tool ever created for understanding your true self. It quantifies and characterizes what Abraham Maslow called the innate nature of the individual in order to discover where a person can make their best contribution to the world.

A third-party research study rated our CVI as the most reliable of all such tests. If you took our assessment 5 years from now or 10 years ago, 97% of your results would be exactly the same, providing a clear and essential picture of who you truly are.

That’s why the CVI serves as the foundation for all of our solutions. Innate Assessment™, Innate Careers™, and Innate Colleges™ all rely on discovering your true nature to help you identify the right solutions to some of life’s biggest decisions.

Your Career Map

For more than 15 years, hundreds of companies have used the CVI to develop profiles for over a thousand careers. Based on a person’s CVI assessment, Innate Living™ can guide you toward careers where similarly wired workers are engaged, successful, and fulfilled.

We’ve also leveraged this research to create a comprehensive tool where you can not only find the right career, but you can determine earnings potential, watch videos to learn about occupations, and explore educational institutions that match your chosen profession.

Both our Innate Careers™ and Innate Colleges™ solutions use marketplace career mapping to help put you on the ideal career path.

Your Perfect College

70% of students will change majors in college, and many will change schools. Our Innate Colleges™ solution helps high school students find the major and school that’s right for them, right away, so they can graduate faster, cheaper, and happier.

The Innate Colleges™ tool uses the CVI assessment and Marketplace Career Mapping to identify specific college majors that support a student’s ideal career. The student can then input their college preferences (such as 4-year vs 2-year colleges, private vs public, location, etc.), and Innate Colleges™ will create a ranked list of ‘Perfect Match’ colleges.

Based on the student’s career and college preferences, the tool then provides the student and parents all the research they need to make a fantastic college choice.

The Perfect Match college application is only used in our Innate Colleges™ solution to help your student find their way faster.

Our Story

Over my 30 years in the business world, I’ve noticed that many people simply aren’t suited for the jobs they’re doing. Frankly, it wasn’t until my own title was Vice President of Sales and Marketing that I realized I didn’t like sales. If I hadn’t learned to like it by then, I knew there wasn’t anything that could ever make me.

And I wasn’t alone. A 2015 Gallup Poll found that 68% of employees aren’t engaged in their job, and you don’t have to look around your workplace very long to know that’s true.

So in 2011, I began using the Core Values Index™ (CVI) as a career mapping tool for my employees. The change couldn’t have been more obvious. Not only did we start putting the right people in the right positions, our employees became much more engaged in their jobs, and the employees (and the company) flourished.

After selling my business, CVI career mapping became a passion of mine. I wanted to help businesses put their employees into the best roles by aligning workers with their innate nature. It quickly became clear this was the passive approach, and that an active one would start with the employees themselves finding engaging and fulfilling careers before they went down the wrong path (like I once had).

Innate Living™ grew out of the premise that if we could help people understand who they are then we could also help them with the most critical decisions of their lives.

  • Career – We can tell you the ‘ideal careers’ you are wired to be engaged and successful in.
  • Education – We can guide a student to the ‘perfect match’ college based on their assessment, interests, and preferences.
  • Marriage – The assessment offers crucial insights not only into each spouse but also they’re shared interests and different conflict styles.
  • Parenting – Each child’s assessment illuminates learning styles, future challenges, and what makes a child unique, which is essential information for having the right parenting approach for each child.
  • Relationships - We can help you better understand why others look at the same picture and see it so differently, preventing conflicts and strengthening relationships.

I’ve benefited in all of these areas through Innate Living™ both personally and professionally, and it is my hope to bring the same rewards to others. Today’s world may be complex, but I know this: there’s a place for everyone in it.

John Hall, Founder


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John Hall

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